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Daily Post: Two-Punch Combo

Routine? Check.Off-the-cuff? Check.The two-punch combo of enjoying routine and spontaneous activity is where I live best. I have to know what's going on when, but you won't find me with a calendar planned out farther than, say, the next 10 minutes week or two.We have a vacation membership and when I call to ask a question the representative will often let me know that their booking window is open until some random time out to 14 months from now. My reaction is always the same: I chuckle, sigh, and explain that I barely know what I'll be doing an hour from now, much less 14 months out. Don't get me wrong--we do plan when we travel, but it's usually with about a 6 month lead at most, and then only when we are flying or something. If it's a weekend away, it happens when the money happens, know what I'm sayin'?To be completely transparent, if you were to look at my calendar, you'd see I have some things marked with no end date. Birthdays for friends and family members are an example. While I know none of us will live forever in this existence, I pray that each of us will see a few more birthdays at least. They come around, oh I don't know, once a year, right? So I plug them in with a once per year recurrence and don't put in an end date. I do the same thing for my work days. I work Monday-Friday at the same place (right now) and the hours are the same. Recurrence: Monday-Friday with no end date. The four legged canine children get their heartworm meds on the same day each month, and will forever, according to my calendar.I also maintain a pretty strict TV schedule for my favorite shows. If  it's Sunday night at 9pm, you'll find me in front of the tube watching the zombies try to eat Rick and his merry little band of misfits.Other than that, we take it as it comes.

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