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Irresistable Shares: And The Winner Is...!I mentioned on one of my recent responses to a Daily Prompt that I had gone bidding on eBay for a treasure, and I got it!1:13 scale diecast of "The Car"Now let's be clear. I could never be mistaken for a collector, that is to say in the "NIB" (New In Box) sense. Not to disparage those who dash off to various 'cons to find that expensive whatsit that only a few were made of that will sit in their hermetically-sealed room of expensive whatsits, but I want to touch the things I collect. This item is not new, nor did it even come with a box. I would love to have one of the boxes in which to store it but you betcha it would come out and be lovingly handled. It is not in pristine condition, but it is just what I needed. I have turned the tires (the front axle goes left and right), opened both doors and the trunk to look inside. I turned it upside down. I felt its weight.I await the call from Barris Kustom, indicating that they are giving me the keys to the life-size street-ready version they are giving to me since I am the world's, nay--the universe's--greatest fan of this film. Any day now, any day...

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