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A Fond Farewell, Chapter 4

Fredrick tossed his keys and jacket onto the bar chair at his kitchen counter and made for the computer. He switched it on and mentally checked into his MU persona. He changed into casual wear and made himself a snack as the computer booted up. Once logged in, he had Nume go to the appointed place; Ocaxa was there already; she was wearing a dress Nume had bought for her and the sight of her in it made Fredrick smile. He had Nume move to her right away. Hello, darling, he typed in the chat box.Ocaxa smiled at Nume. It’s so good to see you. How was your day?Fredrick’s heart leaped at the sight of her; he/Nume responded. It was okay; they had a party for me today.A party? She chatted back. How could they do that? It’s basically a slap in your face after all you’ve done for that company. Ocaxa crossed her arms in a way that suggested irritation.Fredrick/Nume chatted back, It’s just how these things are done, dear. I was polite, so were they, and when the time was right I left so I could be here with you.At that, Ocaxa uncrossed her arms. I’m glad you are here. Remember I told you that I had a surprise for you? I’m going to chat you a name and address. When you get off-line, be there by 11 tonight. You will get what you need from there.Fredrick was intrigued. Okay, I am waiting for it. Will I meet you there?

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