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Saturday Centus Week 152: A Holiday!

Welcome to Easter Island:Sit at our tables full of delights—you will see some fanciful sights:Like the Moai placed carefully upon the Ahu,or the volcanic craters of Rano Raraku.If it’s a drink you want, Pisco’s the trick:But try it mixed for less of a kick.Need a place to lay your head?There’s Hotel Altiplanticoor maybe Rosie’s Hostel instead.Do you need to eat?There’s so many treats!Te Moana, Varua, or Hetu U;local favorites cooked just for you.Walk around, stretch the legs;or stay in your room and just cook eggs.

A weird little ditty written for

 where the prompt for this week was the photo at the top of the post along with the following restrictions:

Number of words:  100

Style of writing: Rhyme 

Additional Pictures: Any

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