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For Me?!? The Sunshine Award!

Wow! I woke up today and bam! pow! I find a notice from the incomparable, the one-and-only, TheImaginator, indicating that I had been bestowed with the Sunshine Award! If you'd like to view the award itself, pop on over to The Trophy Case.  Here's the skinny:

This award is for bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.Wow! Me, positive--me, creatively inspiring! That's too much for a curmudgeonly cave-dweller such as I.The rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated me (curtsies awkwardly in the direction of TheImaginator...),
  • Answer ten questions (see below),
  • nominate ten fellow bloggers, link to their blogs and tell them that they won the sunshine award (see below the below).

Here goes!What inspired you to start blogging?I tried the blog-making project some time ago in an effort to share with the world the (yawn!) exciting actions of the Neal family after they moved to California. I liked writing bits here and there, and even started a couple of other blog-making projects but none ever really took off. Last winter, I decided I wanted to get back into fiction writing and here I am; posts like the Daily Prompt at Wordpress and a few others have become a mainstay now.How did you come up with the name to your blog?I have taken a few different personality-type tests, like the Meyers-Briggs and so on but there was one related to spiritual gifts that really stuck with me. My top strength was activist and I realized I need to be active in all the things I do, from work to family to writing to faith. There are so many issues in the world today that we get weird about but struggle to discuss. I want to change that, one story or book at a time...What is your favourite blog you like to read?Well, I tend toward the voracious end of the scale when it comes to reading; check out the list below for a smidge.Tell about your dream job.Of course, I would love to write for a living.Is your glass half empty or half full?I know that my glass is half full but I struggle to keep my focus there. As an eternal pessimist, I tend to live and act like it's half empty to keep from being disappointed if things go awry.If you could go anywhere for a week’s vacation, where would you go?To sleep.What food can you absolutely not eat?Wild game.Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?Both!How much time do you spend blogging?Fabulous question...I spend a lot of time writing and reading in general so it's probably about 26 hours a day...Do you watch TV, and if so, what are some of your favourite shows?I am addicted to television, honestly. I watch the local news in the morning before work, then either national news or movies when I get home from work. I have watched every season so far of "The Herculoids," "Jonny Quest" (the real one), "InuYasha," "The Walking Dead," "Nurse Jackie," "Parenthood," and "The Big C" (not necessarily in that order...). Even though some of these and a few other shows I enjoy are on what used to be considered VHF or UHF channels, I struggle with primetime television because of commercials and tend to stick to cable or on-demand, but they are on to me: they now show commercials there too from time to time. I also go back and watch old horror favorites and cartoons that we have on DVD sometimes when I need a refresher.The below the below: Here's a huzzah for 10 inspirational blogs, offered in no particular order; if you aren't on the list just now, know that it was tough to whittle this down and that I find inspiration in you too!!A Way With WordsShort StoriesRarasaurJoe's MusingsChronicles of an Anglo SwissThe MagJenny MatlockMorning Story & DilbertJoe2StoriesThe Jittery Goat

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