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Two Times, A Charm!

I am overwhelmed--I have received the second award of the day! This is better than peanut butter and a spoon, a chocolate bar all to myself, a vacation day with nothing to do, a favorite movie marathon that comes unplanned, and a whole day to write whilst wearing pj's all at the same time!The good proprietor over at Julie's Chick Lit has bestowed the following bling upon yours truly:

The speech:

Four score and seven years ago...oh, wait. That is not what I meant to say. Um, I'd first like to thank Julie for popping by for a taste of my blogginess, and for enjoying what she found enough to not only come back but to nominate me for this wonderful award, which I have also promptly placed over on The Trophy Case as well. I'd also like to thank my dear husband, Christopher, who gives me the space to write; he doesn't get freaked out over all my pencils, notebooks, paper scraps, and random epiphanies. And I of course have to thank Mr. Sowa, my high school English teacher. I had him for three of four years for honors English; he was an encourager who remembered me even a thousand years later. One day right before we moved to California, I called and got to talk with him, to thank him for all he had done, to tell him about college and grad school. I am grateful for our four-legged children who provide unending inspiration. And even though I wouldn't ever go back I can even say I am grateful for the not-so-good stuff that I can use as recipes for the tasty snacks I put out for the company who wander in from time to time. And I am grateful for each and every sojourner who thinks it not a waste of their precious time to read and comment.


As I did a bit of poking around over at Moment Matters to get a background on the good folks who created this award, I decided to give it to three specific blogs that are inspirational for a different reason. While folks like Anne, Tony, Stuph, Rarasaur, and others provide daily (and sometimes more) food for thought, I decided to give this particular award to three spaces in particular because they maintain a constant and particular focus. Check them out and give them a round of applause!

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A Devoted Life

Morning Story

Thank you again, Julie! Thank you to all the other writers who take time to write daily for the benefit of the universe.

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