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Daily Prompt: Chaos Theory

Simply put, chaos theory suggests that even basic systems can involve very complex operations or activities. If you were to enter our house, you might be persuaded to believe that it is just a-jumble with books, what-nots, papers, and notebooks. And that's just my corner of the living room. If you looked a bit deeper however, you'd see there is a definite pattern to the madness that is our abode. There are two large (20-pounds plus) cats, one 53-pound dog, one 72-pound dog, and three humans. In a two-bedroom house. Say no more.I live a relatively hermit-like life, preferring my writing hovel to going, say, outside. Whenever the unusual event of visitors happens (visitors being defined as anyone who is not related or who knows our pets), there is a mad dash to find the kitchen table, the couch, and various areas in the family room.No panic; it's all good. C'mon over.

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