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Daily Prompt: The Pen

I had assembled all the tools I needed: a proper yellow lined pad, a mechanical pencil, many extra lead fillers and erasures; even though I tended to cross out rather than erase, this needed to be as perfect as possible according to the map.I took a deep breath and began. I existed in this space, but have decided to escape. I am following the directions as provided by the agents. I am of sound mind and understand that by embarking on this journey I agree to leave and not return. I leave this testament to my loved ones and ask that you mourn not, for I am happy. I have finally found a way to achieve that which has alluded me for so long. Perhaps one day the desire will come upon you as well and then, as I have been told, I might be permitted to return--just once--in order to share the secret with the first of you seeking. With love, admiration, and joy.When I finally signed my name with shaky hands, I started to fade away, like sleeping. When I awoke I was here, next to this window, and with you.

Today's Daily Prompt asks

Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).

The piece above describes an escape from everything via the use of writing. It seemed like a good way to respond to the prompt when I first thought it up. However, in real life my writing is less of an escape and more of an expression.There is little I'd like to escape from, save financial debt, but I suppose many of us are in that camp these days...and if I had an ultimate escape plan from it, we wouldn't be having this conversation, now would we?

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