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VisDare 14: Superstitious, Pt. 7

Annisa disliked being surprised but the gravity of the situation made her anger take pause. As Evelyn came to the window fully, she pointed across the bridge to the town; the fog had lifted a bit and they could see the bustling little hamlet more clearly. Evelyn snorted laughter. “Okay, so the lady and the duck are a little odd but it looks like a regular work day.”

Annisa looked more closely at their surroundings, noting the lack of Christian icons. “There are two major things that are not ‘regular,’” she hissed. “First, look at the clothing and cars—they’re straight out of the 1920s. Second, look at the symbols in this church; what do you see?”Evelyn looked around. “They look like Egyptian hieroglyphics.”“Right. These people worship the family of Ra; the walking duck and markings on his outfit prove it*.” Annisa began looking for a way out.

For this week's VisDare, I continue the story of our accidental intrepid duo, Annisa and Evelyn. Check here if you have missed the first parts of the series.*The family of Ra reference: I took a pinch of liberty with the background on an ancient Egyptian religious symbol. The "Facts & Details" page suggests that "a walking duck followed by a circle with a bull's eye means 'sun of [the sun god] Ra'." So there you have it.

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