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Camp NNWM, Day 4, Including a Detour...

Average Words Per Day 584Your Average Per Day 729Words Written Today 873Target Word Count 17,500Total Words Written 2,918Words Remaining 14,582Current Day 4Days Remaining 27At This Rate You Will Finish On April 25, 2013Words Per Day To Finish On Time 541

My stat's from today at Camp NaNoWriMo.

Today's count might have been a bit higher, had I not taken a huge chunk of time searching for a free program that would allow me to create a city map. If you are in need of such an item, do a search for "RPG City Map Generator." It was evidently developed by a German company some time ago which has since disappeared. However, an unrelenting sleuth will, after a bit of seeking, be able to find others out there who are willing to share a link to it.

Anyway, the email we received today suggests we should be at 10% of our word count at this point; if the online percentage thingy I used is correct, I am at about 16% (insert fist-pump with closed eyes, here). Not too shabby for a day filled with cartography.

Camp NNWM, Day 5, With New Info

Friday Fictioneers, 5 April, 2013: One Mite, Pt. 7