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Camp NaNoWriMo Update

We interrupt the usual blogginess for this important camp announcement.I made a donation yesterday. Yes, me. Supreme Empress of the Cheap. The Shogun of Penny-Pinching. The Queen of Empty Pockets (I'd show you my crown but I was not going to waste the gas to go buy a meal from Burger King to get one).For what, you might ask. {Bangs gavel and shouts Quiet!!! Oh, sorry. You only get to do that when you are a judge. Um, let's see... how about this: Claps hands sharply to bring minions, who carry off any rabble rousers. Yes! That sounds much more Supreme Empress-like}Right. On Saturday, 13 April, 2013, Camp NaNoWriMo is hosting a writing marathon from 10am-6pm (Pacific Time). I agree with their statement that we tend to become more committed when we put our money behind the things we say we believe in, so I made a tiny donation towards the cause of writing and because I hope by raising money we can have a NaNoWriMo pool party instead of camp or something. And here's my official marathon badge to prove that my mouth is...well, never you mind where my mouth is, nosy! {continues to chew end of pencil}

SO need a shirt with that logo! Anyway, happy writing.

Now, back to your scheduled blogginess. Her majesty invites you to carry on.

Back to work.

As you were.

There's nothing else to see here.

Until next time.

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