The Starving Activist is the sometimes-home for words. AR Neal (that’s me) finds them, cultivates them, and leaves them here. Enjoy.

Camp NNWM, Day 13: Camp Marathon Day

Average Words Per Day 584Your Average Per Day 784Words Written Today 1,271Target Word Count 17,500Total Words Written 10,204Words Remaining 7,296Current Day 13Days Remaining 18At This Rate You Will Finish On April 23, 2013Words Per Day To Finish On Time 406

My stat's from today at Camp NaNoWriMo.

So I did about 400 more words than usual; it's Saturday, I'm watching movies, and I am now ready for a break. Need to do some other Saturday stuff, but am pleased with this progress for the day. Not a zillion words, but sufficient to get closer to the goal.


Camp NNWM, Day 14: To a Better Tomorrow

Camp NNWM, Day 12: Past the Half-Way Mark!