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Camp NNWM, Day 19: Home Stretchiness

Average Words Per Day 584Your Average Per Day 751Words Written Today 669Target Word Count 17,500Total Words Written 14,271Words Remaining 3,229Current Day 19Days Remaining 12At This Rate You Will Finish On April 24, 2013Words Per Day To Finish On Time 270

My stat's from today at Camp NaNoWriMo.

Wow--there are 12 days left for camp and I only have 3,229 words left to make my goal. Based on where I am in the process, I see the body of this work being a pinch longer than 17,500 since the characters have more to do and say. However, the home stretchiness of this point feels good! I remember looking at the stats back on day 5 when I only had 3,346 words written, and here I am--12 days from the full finish and five days from when the math gurus at the campsite say I can actually break the tape at the finish line with fewer words to go than all I'd written by day

Happy writing, and happy weekend! Let's plan to see one another at the virtual camp fire tomorrow, as usual...

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