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Saturday Sounds: Neal-nam Style

So, it is Saturday at the Neal residence. That usually means old-school (or in some cases, when all else is lost, neo-school) horror flicks. For the uninitiated, here's how that works: old-school horror=1940s-1970s movies; neo-school horror=1980s. Anything newer is technically too modern for Saturday viewing. It's a law somewhere I'm sure.Since embarking on Camp NanoWriMo, it has been helpful to have such films playing but they can be a distraction. When one watches a Saturday horror flick at the Neal abode, armchair quarterbacking is also a law. One must yell at the characters in order to offer suggestions such as "Don't go in there!" or, when said character has already gone in to add subtext from other films (i.e., when the creature is about to grab the unsuspecting guy who went willingly into the dark place, one must yell "They're coming to get you Barbara!").However, such efforts can prove distracting, so this Saturday, the horror films are playing but Dogglounge Radio is streaming over them, filling the entire house and probably half the neighborhood with luscious deep house music. It's fabulous. But leave us go on a bit of a detour in order to explain how this works.This may be your stereo:This is our stereo:Not really. But sort of.Take this system, multiply it by about 30, put the master components in the office, then disburse the rest throughout the living room, family room, and bedroom and you'd be close. And be sure to add at least 100,000 wires. Then you'd be almost there.Then, use the USB plugs to wire in a Blackberry Playbook:Then take it online to stream Dogglounge through Shoutcast, the free internet radio station.Voila!Now you're doing Camp NaNo, Neal-nam Style. Have a great Saturday and be on the watch for today's word count, to be posted later...Nealnam_Style

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