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100 WCGU #86: Assembly Line Blues

She sighed as she glanced up at the monitor on which the recording of the Commandant played. The loop played continuously every day. She was able to stare at the screen and continue her tedious assembly work, having done it for more years than she could count. A gasp and her neighbor collapsed; the radiation took some of them quickly while others continued to suffer and toil. She watched as the worker was whisked away and a rookie took his place. A glance back and she saw the one who would replace her, and the one who would replace him; the queue was so long.


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It's good to be back in the mix with the good folks over at 100 WCGU; I've missed responding to prompts these last few weeks, but now that I'm on the downstroke for my Camp NaNo project, I'll be working my way back. Click the picture above to go to the challenge page and add your own. The five bold words are this week's prompt.

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