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I Am A Scribe

Check out the cool hieroglyph I found:


I was reading about scribes over on Wikipedia and they had this posted as the Gardiner sign Y3, which signifies a scribe. Who knew? (you can put your hand down)

So this dude Gardiner is credited with developing a whole batch of 'glyphs for different things. Check out his list here.

I decided to add it to my sidebar because I see myself certainly as a scribe; I use my writing to share my sometimes odd, usually twisted view of the world, with the world.

As an aside, reading the teensiest bit of info on Egypt usually sends me on rabbit trails and this trip was no exception. I discovered a site that shares about an ancient papyrus that uses glyphs to tell the story of a man in dispute with his soul. Entitled "Discourse of a man with his ba" it can be found here.

Happy reading, fellow scribes!

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