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Story A Day Prompt, 25 April, 2013: Me vs. Zombies

It was another beautiful day. Sort of. The sky was this sort of artificial blue and the grass was some kind of green. When I looked out, there were two rows instead of just one like yesterday. Things were about to get busy. No sooner had I thought it did the first wave come; whoever was in control was not particularly adept at planting and they hadn't figured out the value of sunflowers. In my regular life, I would have agreed, having a personal aversion to the large, face-like plants. I figure if I ever get back to my regular life, I'll go find a field of them and apologize. The problem is I only have so many lawnmowers and if this person doesn't figure things out, I'll be toast soon.***"Mom! Wake up!""Yes, yes--why are you yelling?""You fell asleep playing Plants vs. Zombies again and messed up my score. Geez! How many times can you get eaten?""Sorry, honey; I just don't get it. And what am I supposed to do with these smiling sunflowers?"

A short but sweet re-entry into the world of Story A Day. Visit here to add yours now, or visit here to learn more about Story A Day in May! Oh, and if you don't know anything about Plants vs. Zombies, get ready to be hooked. Here is a link to an online version of the game, and here's a link to the Wikipedia entry about it, which will give you more history than you probably wanted. Happy gaming!

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