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Camp NNWM, Day 26: "We Are the Campions"

Oops--that should be "Champions," right? That's what Freddie Mercury said anyway...Nah--it was a little Camp NaNo humor! Hahaha! How come I'm the only one laughing?Well, I sat down and started writing when I got home last night and by this morning had 1,654 words (the Camp Gnomes took four words from me. I think they put them in cold storage for needy campers who could use an extra word here or there...) which put me over the top of my second word count; my Camp page now has a snazzy "winner" badge on it. The Camp NNWM page indicates that winner goodies will be available beginning 1 May, so I look forward to adding some new bling to my sidebar.In the meantime, I am sneaking up on the ending. In the middle of the night it came to me, so if time permits I might get it actually finished. Then, it will be time to rest up (sort of) for Story A Day May.Happy writing, duckies--come pack your tent with me over by the winner's campfire. I know you're almost there, or are already there...

Average Words Per Day 700Your Average Per Day 822Words Written Today 1,650Target Word Count 21,000Total Words Written 21,378Words Remaining 0Current Day 26Days Remaining 5At This Rate You Will Finish On April 26, 2013Words Per Day To Finish On Time 0

My stat's from today at Camp NaNoWriMo.

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