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Daily Prompt: I am One of the Funniest People I Know

Well, not by myself.Get my husband and I together however, and get ready for some chuckles.We get a kick out of each other.Crack each other up, in other words."We should get a reality show!" we sometimes joke.Or, "Maybe we could do a variety program! That would be a laugh--so much better than stand-up."Lastly we decide: "We need to just get discovered to have movie roles. That would do it."But in the end, we come to a few conclusions:

  • A reality show would require cameras in our home. I'm far too paranoid for that.
  • If we had a variety program, we would have to be "on" in front of cameras and chances are good that we would be unable to come up with our otherwise witty quips. Or worse, no one would find them funny. As impossible as that is.
  • Movie roles require memorization. While I am sure that Christopher would do very well in that arena, I would not.

So the world will have to continue spinning without our bright lights to guide its way.In the meantime, we'll just keep bringing ourselves to tears and bellyaches from time to time.Oh those Daily Post pixies--see how they get me to tell all my business?! They demanded answers to the following:

Do you consider yourself funny? What role does humor play in your life? Who’s the funniest person you know?

Without humor, we would certainly be in tears, but it would not be from laughing.And there you have it.

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