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Picture It & Write 25 August 2013 Meets Saturday Centus #175: Hobby of the Gods

The morning ride began like any other but as I approached the Reinholdt farm I came upon an unexpected situation.I carefully knelt down and touched the road which now descended at a 90-degree angle from itself; only something other-worldly could have bent this otherwise normal path in such a manner. As I touched the surface of the downward pointing road, my hand caressed earth that was not all that different from that upon which I was kneeling. The dirt could have been a few degrees warmer but I did not have any instruments. I looked up, hoping for answers.

Interesting photo, no?It fit so perfectly with this week's Saturday Centus, where the prompt was "ethereal," for which I used this definition.Let me know if I hit it.Or not.Click on the image to visit Picture It & Write to read more about the image prompt and click on "Saturday Centus" right above there (see it underlined? Yeah, that one) to check out that prompt.

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