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Daily Post: We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Superstar

Ha!Wait, that's not exactly right.I have not had the joy of preempting the Daily Post pixies before, but had to stifle a very loud guffaw as I do so now. They were interested in how I (and you) would cast the epic maxi-movie that is my (and your) life.However, I cannot and it is actually no laughing matter.That epic has been/is being written as we speak.Literally.I sit today, enthralled, eyes glued to C-SPAN as it shows the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington in its entirety.I haven't cried yet, but have clapped during the speeches of Mrs. Evers-Williams (wife of the murdered Medgar Evars), Ms. Weingarten (current president of the American Federation of Teachers), Rev. Sharpton, Mr. Julian Bond, Ambassador Andrew Young, and others.I stand on the shoulders of those here and those who were there 50 years ago and earlier.Like Mr. Bond just said: it is personal to me. His speech made me cry. If you didn't hear it, check the interwebs.Si se puede.The struggle continues.

Daily Prompt: Proof Through The Night

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