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How To Find My Calm (A Little)

So I decided to decide.I need to focus on my writing.More.I have a zillion slips of paper, notebooks, note pads, and unknown other things upon which one could write that have ideas scrawled upon them.The ideas whisper to me in the night, in the afternoon, whilst driving (the worst! and usually some of the best ideas too), during prayer. All the time, in other words, no pun intended. And I manage to capture a goodly amount of them.I got a message from one of the people I follow over on Scribophile. She had posted a new chapter (I have followed the story from the beginning) and she wanted to encourage me to read it. She also asked when I would be posting again.I hadn't taken the time to do so.I have been trying to become more diligent about putting my stories in Scrivener but I have quite a few more to go; I hope to use that as my draft for NaNoWriMo later this year.I have been (fairly) diligent with my favorite flash fiction prompts.I have been writing my reviews.I have been casual about Cave of Scribes and Robo-Kitty is lonely.I have yet to start on two other non-fiction projects.I need a regular full-time job.So I decided.I will be checking in on all the various prompts I adore, but will most likely need to stick with the Daily Post as my primary. I need that. I'll post to the others as the Muse orders.I need to focus on the other bits just now.It will help me find a little of my calm.And there you have it.

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