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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Daddy Long Legs

"That's a crazy chair, Darla," Yolanda said as she stared and pointed. "Can I sit in it?"Darla shook her head. "No. Nobody sits in that chair except Daddy. He needs a special chair."As Darla admonished her schoolmate, Daddy entered the room. "Who's your friend, Darla?"The girl swallowed, knowing what was next. "This is Yolanda, Daddy."Daddy climbed atop his chair. "Would you like to sit with me, Yolanda? You seem curious about my chair.""Yes, sir!" Yolanda chirped with excitement and dashed toward Daddy. Her excitement vanished as she got close to the skeletal man."Don't be afraid, child," Daddy said and grinned, showing his three rows of teeth. Yolanda opened her mouth to scream but it was too late -- Daddy wrapped his long legs around her and with a shot of his stinger had paralysed her. He devoured most of her in three large bites and looked toward his daughter. He handed her a sweater-covered arm and smiled lovingly. "She won't bother you ever again, my dear."

If you click on the photo to go to this week's SCPP, you'll see that this is actually a birthing chair. However, I offer 171 words of a different sort. After all, what better defense against a bully than a giant spider dad? Click the link and add your own story.

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: So Tired of the Same Old Thing