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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: So Tired of the Same Old Thing

"Wallace, it's just no use. They aren't interested anymore. Let's just retire somewhere warm."He looked away as Constance held a delicate alabaster wrist to her forehead in weariness. He knew she had grown tired of the act long ago. "But darling," he said as he put her back together, "what will we do, sell the business?"She opened one eye as he snapped her torso in place. "Give me a robe, dear." After sitting up, she draped it around herself and looked at the open casket. With a sigh she stood. "I'm not getting back in there. The sideshow business is a thing of times gone by. We can do so much more with ourselves. There's more than enough money. Let's catch the next steamer out and see the world!"He reached in his pocked and showed her two tickets. Her eyes danced as she read the words "first class cabin" and "Titanic." He smiled at his lovely, delicate, yet miniature bride. "I thought you might say that. Let's take some time to think it over. Maybe we'll come back with a brand new act."

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