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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Common Folk

"But Lieutenant! You can't go out there in uniform!" The sergeant was beside himself. Theirs was a secret regimen of soldiers, officers, and death-dealers. Their actual professions were unknown, even to their closest loved ones, and now the lieutenant planned to step outside the barracks in his uniform.The lieutenant was probably smiling under his hood. "Don't worry, Sarge. I'll just be a moment. I'll go out and give the crowd a thrill." Each day, groups of people gathered around the barracks gate, hoping to glimpse someone or gain insight into what was going on in there.As the man exited, the sergeant mumbled under his breath. "Hm. Spending time with the common folk, I guess. It's his funeral." He stomped off to the general's office to make an official report.Outside, the crowd gasped at the imposing figure. "Josephine!" it called. A woman came to the gate as the otherworldly being removed its hood to reveal a man. "I wanted you to know that I'm quitting my job today. I'll be in trouble for a bit but is there any chance you'll marry me anyway?"

There are times when we must step out of the shadows ... I offer 186 words for this week's SCPP in honor of such times. Click the photo to add your thoughts on this image.

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