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What to do on World Book Day?

Buy a book, of course!Okay, so maybe you don't want to reach into that healthy stash you've been hiding under the mattress just now. How about reading about a book instead? That's free and may inspire you to go buy the book the next time you break the piggy bank open.Now you've got to decide which book to read about. May I offer a suggestion?If you visit here, you'll be whisked over to a great interview (and an even greater blog) with yours truly about After! It was an honor to reply to these questions and I actually wanted to answer even more than what you see listed there, but that would have been greedy.Be sure to pop over and give the post some props and after you've gotten all that spare change out of the couch cushions, click below to grab your own copy of After.


Happy (fill in the blank) Day!

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Common Folk