The Starving Activist is the sometimes-home for words. AR Neal (that’s me) finds them, cultivates them, and leaves them here. Enjoy.

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: One Leg to Stand On

Doctor: How does it feel?Patient: How do you think it feels? It hurts like the dickens!Saw wielder: That's a funny expression, isn't it?Instrument holder: What is?Saw wielder: 'Hurts like the dickens'. What exactly is a 'dickens' and why does it hurt?Patient: Are you all really having this conversation right now? You're sawing my leg off.Instrument holder: Doc, if your medicine really worked, would he be talking?Doctor: Possibly. But notice he hasn't passed out. I mean, he's conscious while his leg is being cut off. That is a sign of success to me.Patient: I hope you don't think I'll be giving a good review of your services or bedside manner on social media.Saw wielder: Give 'im some more, Doc. Maybe he'll forget this conversation. Otherwise, you won't have a leg to stand on in this business.

So I could have gone any number of places with this. Let us remember what is pictured here is one example of a terrible period in American history that has little to do with medicine. However, I tried to provide 144 lightly macabre words for this week's SCPP. Click on the photo and add your thoughts.

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Sleep Study

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