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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Sleep Study

I can't believe he went through with it. See, Sammy told us all last week that he was strapped for cash. I mean, with the cost of medical textbooks, lab coats, pledging the fraternity, and weekend relaxation, I understand completely. However, Joe and I went to the plasma bank together -- it was safe, anonymous, and we got decent money for donating. Sammy on the other hand is down there for the world to see.I mean, the money he said they were paying for the sleep study sounds fantastic! He'll be able to pay off his bookstore tab and can stay in the cups at the pub for some time if he plays it right.I wonder how long it will take him to go to sleep. But more importantly, what will we do when he does?

There is something faintly disturbing about this photo. Imagine being the young man in the bed. Everyone in the room is silent -- some lecture hall: no one is lecturing! The woman who is leaning to our right and the two gentlemen right at the wall look like they're waiting to tuck into a meal at the buffet restaurant. Yikes!

I offer 137 words for this week's SCPP and do apologize heartily for the description. When I posted it, I didn't notice our victim subject in the bed ...

Anyway, click the photo to visit the site and add your take.

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