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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Parasite

Journal Entry 12: The atrocities continue. Nine of my colleagues have been confined after the Nurses found parasites in all of them. They started acting out of character, which I have noticed is a sure sign of the infestation. The Nurses had the nerve to send out a newsreel, insisting that the men were insane instead of telling the truth of the work they do here.

Journal Entry 13: It's been a week since my last entry. All nine are dead, I am sure of it. I feel myself slipping as well. Instead of eating my morning ration with a fork, I attempted to drink it! I cannot succumb to the madness, nor can I allow the Nurses to do to me what I am sure they did to the others. I leave this video of the procedure I'm performing on myself for anyone who remains. If I survive, it will be a testament to that survival. If I perish, hopefully it can serve as a lesson from which someone else can learn.

All right, it's true. I didn't write last week. However, I hope by doing a

However, I hope by doing a two-fer, I've made up for my misstep. The first image is weird and disturbing. The second image is nothing but disturbing.

I offer 172 words for both this week's and last week's SCPP. Click each photo to go to the associated prompts, even though this one will be posted to this week's since I hosed on posting last week ... sigh.


Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Sleep Study