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Give Up Some Author Love!

There is something that should be said about collaboration. Now, when you read that word, you might think of group projects and the like and in essence you would be correct: collaboration among authors means we work together to get the word out about our work.One way to do that is through groups on Facebook, which has its place. For example, I belong to a few author groups and we post about our current publications and WIPs.Another way is to engage in blog hops or by sharing the word on one another's sites. David K. Bryant has done that for a number of us at his blog. Here is a link to his Star Books page.I am grateful for him and my fellow authors/bloggers who have been kind enough to share the word about After and my other stories and books! If you'd like to learn more about David, check him out at any one of the following venues:Facebook: @DavidKBryantAmazon:

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Alone, Before the Parade