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Today's Memorial Service

I received the best Mother's Day gift this year that any mom worth her salt could imagine. Wanna know what? Bet you can't guess, so I won't keep you in suspense.A brand-new driver's side windshield wiper.Go on, turn green with envy. I'll wait.The importance of this gift should not be scoffed at or poo-poo'ed. We live in Southern California, where the drought has turned my car into a miniature diorama of the Mojave Desert.Further, the slightest drop of rain means the Mojave car turns intoNow I am sure you see the problem. If the windshield wiper is shredded, driving becomes even more of a death race than usual. So I was giddy with glee as my husband took me to the auto shop and had the wiper replaced (and in case you're wondering, the passenger side wiper was in good shape so it will survive for another year or so).What's more, thanks to my new wiper (and information from The Matticus Kingdom), I was able to go to the memorial service for Dave Martinez (Grayson Queen) today. It was surreal -- a rainy Saturday, a quiet sanctuary, and his photo at the altar by a lit candle. The priest offered words of comfort and reminded all of us that we must take the walk that Dave took and that in the meantime, we must continue on. His sentiment was actualized by the fact that eight minutes after Grayson's service concluded, a wedding was due to begin. The circle of life, right?I got to see Rara, which was certainly a bright spot. I also got to visit with a few other bloggers who made it to Corona. We let everyone know that this couple touched people from all over the planet. We let Rara know we love her.Didn't I tell you my Mother's Day gift was important?I'm sure you agree.

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Not Quite Sanctuary

Grayson Queen's Memorial Service