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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: The Emperor's Grand Entrance

I have guard duty today. The commandant insisted we stay on the parade grounds and maintain the security of the square. I didn't get it because no one had been through the square in years.The commandant said it had started in the US but the lieutenant said it had started in Russia. I figure no one knows for sure, but since the Corps is the only organization within seven parsects that has food and decent water, I'll follow orders.One of my comrades and I were betting that the Emperor died along with the two million people who used to live in the city, but we would never say it to the rest of the platoon. If the commandant heard us, we'd probably be courtmarshalled or flogged.If there is still an emperor, I'll have the best view of his grand entrance. If not, at least I'll get extra chow for my service today. No matter what, I still win.

I think I'd like to visit this square. I was trying to imagine whether it would be hot or cold. Is there a breeze? Can you hear the breeze blowing through the buildings? My 159 words are inadequate to speak to the enormity of this space. What does it say to you? Click on the photo to go to the prompt!

RawrLove for Rara

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Not Quite Sanctuary