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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Keep the Light On

"Jerry, I'm hungry."It was at least the thirtieth time she'd said it. "I know." We'd been walking for so many days I'd lost count. Finally, we had made it to a town and although it was quiet for the moment, I figured we'd be able to lay up and rest. But food was a problem.And then I saw it, and so did she. With a tug on my arm, she hissed, "Do yout think there's anything left, Jerry? Can we go look?"The weathered and crooked sign was missing some of its light-up letters, but the grime still spelled out 'Kuroshio Inn'. Looking at it made me shudder. I started to laugh, remembering an ancient motel commercial -- their jingle had something to do with leaving the lights on. She dragged me into a hole that was less door and more gaping mouth and as I heard the sounds of whispers above our heads, I prayed that the electricity still worked.

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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: The Smile