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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Join the Party

"Burt, are you sure you want to go?""Of course! Look at this invite!" Burt shrugs. "Okay, sure, the place is a bit less upscale than the ad online seemed to suggest, and it looks like there's a leak in the foyer, but we shouldn't judge the whole place on a couple minor things, Margaret."She frowns. "Have you been in the bathroom?"Burt waves away her comment and hands her the flyer. "C'mon -- it's a pajama party. It'll be fun. We'll get to meet the other guests.""What other guests? It looked like all the other room keys were there except the one the creepy front desk guy gave us!" Margaret shudders as she looks at the flyer, wondering if she should point out how gaunt the party-goers look.Something catches her eye. The calendar on the wall in one of the flyer photos is dated 1821, but before she can examine it under the lamp to be sure, Burt grabs it from her hand and puts it on the dresser. "You're imagining things. Let's go down and give it an hour. If it's no fun, we'll leave, okay?" He opens the door and pulls her into the hall.

Nah, I'm not going in there. I offer 199 words for this week's SCPP. Click on the photo to join in.

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Heartbreak Hotel

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