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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Heartbreak Hotel

Michael sat, turning the letter in his hands. He glanced at the television -- an ancient model -- and the laundrette in the next room. It had been 10 years since he and Sedra had first come to this place, this room, and here he was again. It had gone noon and he wondered why he'd come."She's gotten you too, eh?"Michael jumped at the sound of the weepy voice. He looked up and there was a man with red-rimmed eyes peaking through the window in the door.The man wiped his eyes, blew his nose on a well-worn handkerchief, and asked, "Sefra, yeah?"Michael nodded."She's had me here for fifteen years," the man said and began to sob. Before Michael could say a word, he turned and walked away.Michael got up, went to the door, and tried the nob again. It would not open. He returned to the bed, sat, and read the letter for the fifth time, wondering when Sefra would arrive.

I guess since this week's SCPP is of a love hotel, it put me in mind of Michael Jackson's 'This Place Hotel (AKA 'Heartbreak Hotel')'. These 164 words are in response to the prompt and in honor of the King of Pop. How's that for a two-fer? In case you don't remember it, give a listen: 

#RawrLove Happening Now

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Join the Party