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#RawrLove Happening Now

A few days ago, our friendly neighborhood Monster shared about the last 'in' letter she got from Rara.If you remember, I shared myself about one of our fellow writers, bloggers, and powerful women, Rarasaur, who for more time than I care to count has been incarcerated. For far too long she has been away from her blog, her family, and the rest of us who count ourselves fortunate enough to know her and care about her.She returns to a world that is very different than when she left, namely because her beloved Grayson is not there. We've all shared about his departure (my comments here).There are ways you can help. You can post some #Rawrlove today, just like Deborah, the crew over at the Matticus Kingdom, and others are doing. If you can imagine what it's like to suddenly be back in the world after a hiatus, you know financial support is needed. Click the dino below and donate what you can -- every little bit helps and will be appreciated.

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Dead Island Vacation

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Heartbreak Hotel