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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Dead Island Vacation

"Are you seriously thinking of spending the night here? I thought we were just coming for a look around!"He knew she was upset. "C'mon, hon' -- I need this. Think of how much I'll get paid for a first-hand account of a night in Hachijo!"She crossed her arms tightly. "You mean, how long you'll spend in jail for trespassing. We are supposed to stay in the public areas.""Everyone's seen all that already. There's nothing new to film out here. Look," he waved his arm in a wide arch. The sun was going down and cast a lovely orange glow across the front of the giant building. The last few tourists were making their way back toward the shore and the quaint restaurants nestled there. "We'll have the place to ourselves."She ignored his waggling eyebrows and allowed him to pull her toward a large glass door. They wandered through echoing halls and he steered her into a somewhat austere room. "I'm not staying in here," she protested. "Look -- black mould!"Ignoring her, he replied, "Look, a television! Just like home!"

I think hotels -- all hotels -- have a creepy element. It's probably Jack Nicholson's/Stephen King's fault. Anyway, Shane Thoms took us into various rooms in this hotel; on his site he says this is on Dead Island, and maybe by the time he went there it was dead. However, I found this blog that suggests otherwise. I suspect the Cave Mistress might pull some photos from there at some point. After all, how could a site that deals with abandoned places not attract her?Anyway, I offer 182 words on this interestingly disturbing photo. Click it to visit the prompt.

Scribes Cave Picture Prompt: Inhabited

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