The Starving Activist is the sometimes-home for words. AR Neal (that’s me) finds them, cultivates them, and leaves them here. Enjoy.

Scribes Cave Picture Prompt: Inhabited

It just doesn't make sense. I mean, just look at them. Round houses. In the middle of the square.I've been walking for days and haven't seen a soul. At the last inhabited town, they told me that this entire city was abandoned, but I said I didn't care -- after all, if the city was abandoned, that meant I'd have my pick of places to shelter, right?They didn't tell me it was so big. It took me three days to walk through and when I got to this bit, I found these. The engine on the motorbike is warm and the coals under the cooking pot are hot. I'm so hungry but the meat in it doesn't smell right. The bones look too ... human.I am tired, but I think I'll be pushing on before nightfall. I just hope they don't pick up my scent, whoever they are.shanethomas1

Okay, so I like yurts. Really! But there's something about mystery yurts showing up in the middle of an abandoned city. I had to offer these 149 words in that vein. Click the photo to visit and add your thoughts.

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Class Reunion

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Dead Island Vacation