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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Class Reunion

"Can you believe it? I have a fiance!"She pronounced it like 'finance' without the 'n' in the middle.Without turning to see if I was following her across the narrow wooden walkway to the house I remembered being afraid of in elementary school, I asked, "Anyone I know?" but didn't really want an answer.She flipped her hair and tried to move her hips with a level of sophistication she could never have. "Nah. He came to town after you left." She turned just as she reached the door. "It coulda been you, ya know. Momma and Daddy always liked you."I raked a hand through my hair, regretting I'd agreed to come out here. I looked at my watch. "Hey, you know, we need to get to the reunion."She pouted. "I thought you wanted to see the house.""Well, I just realized how late it was. And besides," I tried to sound like the goof I had been in school as I turned and walked swiftly back to the other side of the lake, "I wouldn't want your fiance to get the wrong idea." I pronounced it like 'finance' without the 'n' in the middle.Abandoned Places From Around The World 1 Island Home, Finland

There's something sad about this photo. I offer a toast of 198 words to the past, to fears, and to regrets perhaps in its honor. Click on it to go visit the prompt and tell us your story.

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Beneath

Scribes Cave Picture Prompt: Inhabited