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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Stony Still

The screech of her voice was like nails scraping naked metal as she shouted, "Junior! Get down from there!"The boy turned, a smile plastered across his face, and bucked his body with more fervor. "The sign says 'Mount Rush.' I just wanted to try it out." He leaned to examine the tarnished metal label at the bottom of the statue. "I think it said something more, but it's rusted over." He jumped down with a satisfying thump, wiped the dust from the backside of his short trousers, and slumped over to his mother. "It's stupid anyway. There's nothing about it that's rushing. It's not even moving."She took out a hankie, licked a corner of it, and used the damp cloth to wipe a smudge of dust from his face. "Now darling, this is just the clubhouse, or whatever. There are plenty of rides out there for you to try."His eyes lit up and he forgot about the spit on his jaw.She smiled, took his hand, and picked up the picnic basket. "You said you wanted to visit Western Village, so let's go explore the park, shall we?"

I'd considered writing something more like 'Westworld', but this image took me in a different direction. Imagine a mom, trying to please her persnickety only son, who has no clue that Western Village is an abandoned amusement park. I hope my 191 words capture the scene. Click to visit the prompt and also find a link to a series of images from this park as well. 

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