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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: It's Got Promise

Evan walked backwards, avoiding the gaping holes in the floor. "Okay, it's a fixer-upper, I'll give you that."Patricia rolled her eyes and tried not to shiver. She swore someone had been watching them when they had been in the banquet hall, as Evan had called it. The high ceiling full of glass panels was bright but there was an underlying darkness, and a feeling that something was off permeated the air. She would not give Evan the satisfaction of picking on her if her feelings were unfounded."Now you have to see the possibilities in this space," Evan turned around and stepped lightly to the right. He pointed to the opening. "Look at those beams -- super sturdy. It will be easy to add flooring. This is a great space for a gym. Every good hotel needs a gym, right? To offset all the gourmet food, right?"Patricia nodded and he grabbed her hand. "Let me show you some of the rooms," he said as they walked out of the 'gym' and into a moldy hallway. "They need a little updating but the place has promise."She wondered just what sort of promise it held.

Be sure to click on the picture to visit the prompt. Like the intro suggests, hotels are inherently creepy places. I don't think I'd want to wander through this place and if I did, it would turn me off from wanting to go on holiday for sure. I offer 195 words on this, er, fixer-upper ... pop in and share your thoughts!

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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Stony Still