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Scribes Cave Picture Prompt: Like a Rat

"Hello-o-o!""Jimmy. If you don't quit that, I promise you that we will have serious difficulty."Jimmy smirked. "You mean more serious than we've already got?"Dave's jaw muscles tightened and he spoke through his teeth. "We got in, so there has to be a way out.""I dont' think so. We tried pulling and pushing on the pipe cover you moved to get us in here. We tried every door-looking object we could find. We tried climbing. Trapped like a rat, I say." Jimmy did his best impersonation of a balancing beam walker as he held his arms out and placed one foot carefully in front of the other to move along the rectangular constructions on the floor.Dave refused to admit defeat and continued his search. "We'll get out."Jimmy stopped, cupped his mouth with his hands, and shouted toward the top, "Hopefully before rainy season gets here!"Somehow he kept his sense of humor and laughed at the echo that answered him.

Imagine being stuck in the bottom of a cooling tower. Yeah. That's how I felt. I offer 165 words for this prompt. Visit and add your thoughts.

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