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Congratulations! It's a ... Squiggle. #WIP #AmWriting

"The Dot and the Line" is one of my all-time favorite cartoons. If you've never seen it, please take a moment and treat yourself:, wasn't that wonderful?You may be wondering how this Chuck Jones classic relates to my current WIP. There are two primary connections, you see.

  • First, the rest of the title of the cartoon is "A Romance in Lower Mathematics" -- my  WIP is a murder/mystery that has a tinge of romance. There's only a tinge, a suggestion, because that's not a genre I'm comfortable with but it's a necessary part of the overall arc.
  • Second, I spent the latter part of my day and into the evening outlining the chapters and scenes. Longhand. On graph paper. With a mechanical pencil. I am through the four existing chapters (that together contain a total of 22 scenes that make up the bulk of the 21,400 words thus far) and have written 'Chapter 5/Scene 1' at the top of the next blank page. The whole lot reminded me of the squiggle in the original drawing that opened this post.

I paused long enough to share with you and to congratulate myself on birthing a squiggle.Not quite. Actually, it's quite a line already and has developed some lovely angles and curves. I appreciated taking the opportunity to outline what I already had as I was able to go through and make slight adjustments to dialog and such so the curves were smooth.Today's writing lesson: don't discard your squiggles -- they might be just the precursor to a lovely bit of art. Take time to caress them into proper shape.

#WIP news: Working Title, "Knowing Abbie"

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