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#WIP news: Working Title, "Knowing Abbie"

It's not real until you name it.Or so some saying goes. I think.Anyway, I've decided to make this WIP real by offering the working title for your enjoyment. I haven't crafted the elevator speech about it yet, but I can tell you it was inspired by a dear friend of mine. I included pieces of him in the secondary main character, named Dave. The primary main character is Nancy Abigail Lobaro. Her parents call her Abbie, while Dave calls her Nance.I consider it a murder/mystery that hints at possible romance. As far as genre, it falls into the realistic fiction category as it is set primarily in Center City, Philadelphia.I am very close to novella length, but there is so much more to this story. To wit:

  • Why would someone attack Nancy and leave her on a major thoroughfare?
  • Who is the mystery man that is following Nancy and Dave as they rekindle their friendship?
  • Will anyone be harmed?

And the question that keeps me up at night is one that came from one of the last sessions of the writer's group I attended in the winter/spring. Our facilitator had us do an exercise where we considered the question that now haunts me regarding every one of my works in progress:

What's the worst thing that could happen to your main character?

What? Did you really just ask me that? I love my main character(s) -- even the sinister ones!I think about that question so often and the answer is not as simple as 'he/she will die'. It could be that he/she lives. Or any number of other possibilities.So far, I'm convinced that no one (else) is going to die. [It's a murder/mystery, remember? That means there are bodies]In the coming weeks, I hope to do what I did for my book After so be on the lookout for introductions of the various characters in 'Abbie'.That's my goal and now that it's in writing, I guess it's law that I have to do it ...

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: New Digs

Congratulations! It's a ... Squiggle. #WIP #AmWriting