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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: New Digs

The real estate agent looked unsure. "Madam, I am not exactly clear on what you have planned for this property. Could you go over it again?"The woman rolled her eyes behind her dark glasses and walked to the center of the room. Her high heels sang and the swishing of her long fur coat provided a rhythm. "I've told you, Mr. Smithers. I plan to make this my residence.""But this is a zoned business area, Madam."She looked over her glasses at him, causing him to chill. "And what of it? This stock exchange has been an eyesore to the city for years. They want to unload it and stop the appearance of blight. I will pay the back taxes, bring it back to its former look of glory, and bring needed commerce back into the community."Smithers tried to smile. "Oh, and what sort of business?"She opened her mouth to expose elongating fangs. "I don't think that's any of your concern, Mr. Smithers. But since you asked, I'd like to make you my partner."

The dark recesses of this space, plus its apparent opulence, seems appropriate for a vampire. I offer 178 words to that effect for this week's SCPP. Click on the photo to join in!

#WIP: Introducing the Location

#WIP news: Working Title, "Knowing Abbie"