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#WIP: Introducing the Location

'Knowing Abbie' is realistic fiction set primarily in Center City Philadelphia. In this case, the story is a work of imagination that is located in an actual city and the surrounding area. Visitors and residents will recognize Center City haunts, like the Masonic Temple, Hahnemann University Hospital, and the Wannamaker building as well as Temple University, Norristown, and Germantown. The main character's family lives in Brigantine, NJ.

That being said, some of the locations, like the address of the main character's business and her residence, are not real.

One of the other locations that may be familiar is the Divine Lorraine Hotel, located in North Philadelphia. I have a love for architecture and the Divine Lorraine, built in 1892, is one of those buildings that is never far from my mind's eye.  Even at its most dilapidated, it was beautiful. As an added bonus, the founder (?), Father Divine, has a most interesting backstory, making the building even more popular to a speculative fiction writer.

While no scenes (so far, anyway) take place inside the Divine Lorraine (which is presently being renovated -- I can't wait to go back east and see it for myself one day!), the main character has a private garage located behind the Hotel that is fictional as well.

Hopefully the descriptions will resonate with those readers who know Philadelphia and will spark curiosity in those who do not, to the point they will want to (at least) read about or (at best) visit this incredible city.Coming soon: character introductions!

#WIP: Writing Progress Goes "Boink"!

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: New Digs