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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Minimalist

"Are you serious? You call that a TV?" Sharla cracked her gum between each word as she thumbed her smartphone screen. "Where's the flat screen? You know my show comes on tonight.""We are not here to watch television," Bob replied. "We are supposed to be winning a bet. We sleep here one night and tomorrow, we're each a few thousand pounds richer."Stacy came in, sat in the only armchair, and coughed as dust puffed around her like a cloud. "I've been through a couple rooms. Decor is minimalist at best."Eddie checked his video camera for the umpteenth time. "Good. The less furniture, the quicker we can run if we have to. I've heard some crazy stuff goes down here at night and I for one am not going to end up as monster bait."Sharla glanced up. "Where are we supposed to sleep?"Stacy got up, walked over to her, and showed her the photos she had taken of two bedrooms."Oh, hell no," Sharla said slowly,turning toward the door. "I'll be at the hotel I saw on the way in. See you all in the morning." She tried the knob with no success. "Um, guys?"

It's all fun and games until the door is locked mysteriously ... I offer 199 words for this week's SCPP. Click the photos to visit the page and add your thoughts.

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