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#WIP: Introducing Nancy Lobaro

Nancy Abigail Lobaro grew up in Brigantine, NJ, which is located just outside Atlantic City. Her parents are well-to-do, but she is the exact opposite. Her mother, Beatrix, is a lady of leisure and one would suspect she spends her days playing bridge (not that there is anything wrong with that -- Beatrix would never lift her hand, so long as there are servants to do it). Her father, Townsend, is a political muckety-muck with ties to the AC Racetrack and Brigantine City Council. His pride-and-joy is his golf membership, rather than his successful daughter.

Despite the stuffy and pompous surroundings of her childhood, Nancy has done well for herself. She owns (outright) a condominium in the exclusive 1850 building on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, as welll as 1300 -- a supper club located at the rear of the Wannamaker building in Center City. She enjoys cars and has a small fleet, which she houses at her private garage space behind the newly renovated Divine Lorraine Hotel in North Philadelphia.

Nancy's parents call her 'Abbie' and her dear friend Dave calls her 'Nance.'

The question the reader will want an answer to is: who would want to harm Nancy?More introductions to come!

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#WIP: Writing Progress Goes "Boink"!