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The Best #RejectionLetter. Ever.

It's not you -- it's me.There are times when hearing that causes the rolling of the eyes and gnashing of teeth, but there are times hearing that means all is right in the world.So you may remember I was hinting about a #WIP I had going on back in the spring. I had a few email chats with a colleague about it and there was interest. Time passed for both of us as we were busy with all sorts of things. I knew I probably would not hear from this colleague until the end of September or early part of October, but still decided to send a bit of nudge -- it was a reminder of my project, to which I received the reply that it wasn't forgotten.I received an email this morning, indicating that the story did not fit with what this particular colleague's publishing house was looking for. Such is life, right?But it wasn't a rejection, exactly.It was a it's not you -- your writing ability or the topic or even the genre -- it's me, as in, what you offered is just not what we do.And I'm perfectly okay with that.I went along with my day after thanking my colleague, popped into Duotrope and had about 500 tabs open, and slowly went through to determine which might be right for this particular piece of speculative science fiction steampunk.I sent a query letter.I'm waiting patiently.I might get a yes! we want this! or a nope, don't want it or a big pile of silence.I might even get another it's not you, it's me and that's okay, too.One day, I'll be able to do the big reveal and say that it's done, contracted, about to be on the shelves.It's coming, chaps. Just hold on.

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