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Stepping off the Cliff with a #WIP: Seeking an Agent

It's Saturday, so you know what that means.After finishing chores, I settled down to look for some old school horror or science fiction films. Last night, Turner Classic Movies showed one of my all-time favorites: The Brain that Wouldn't Die. Unfortunately, it came on late and I only made it about half-way through. It seemed likely that similar classics would be on today. It is October, The Walking Dead new season begins tomorrow, it was over 100 degrees in Southern California today, so all was right with the world.However, remember the "it's not you -- it's me" post? The manuscript in question has been rolling around in my mind and I need to do something with it. I did some good writing yesterday and after not finding any suitable films had considered forging ahead with the current #WIP. The previous manuscript was whispering from my "stories" file: "Why not check out some literary agents?" it asked.So I did.Today was query day.I sent seven.And now I will pause to revel in the feeling of ... angst? joy? fear? accomplishment? anticipation? Yes, I will pause to revel in the feeling of anjofecomplation.Most agency websites indicate a response time of anywhere from three to six weeks, so I guess I'll toddle off to continue this present manuscript. I know the other one will find a home and it would be nice to connect with an agent who is interested in writers who can't settle on a single genre, and whose work stretches the boundaries of existing genres.If you've got one, send 'em my way. Would love to send them a query.

#WIP: Introducing Damon, the Artist

The Best #RejectionLetter. Ever.